Readers Respond to Back Sense

“I'd like to tell the world about Back Sense! It is indeed good news for people who suffer from chronic back pain. Having tried surgery and almost every alternative treatment for over 40 years to rid myself of chronic, incapacitating back pain, I'm now enjoying unrestricted physical activities.  Pain free.”     

— D.L., Rumford, Rhode Island

“Thank you so much for your inspiring book, which I read cover-to-cover twice over the weekend.  Twice, because at the first reading, I was actually crying with relief through much of it!  Finally, finally someone understands the misery, frustration and feelings of hopelessness I've had for the past 6 months…. I feel as though I've already regained the most elusive of my ‘lost activities’ —real hope. Not hope tinged with fear and doubt like I've had before, but genuine hope and a belief that I'm going to be all right!”    

— M.R., Milton Keynes, England

“I was a skeptic. I could not believe that changing the way I thought about my pain could help me conquer the crippling spasms that had wracked my life for nearly 20 years. I had tried special exercises, surgical consults, CAT scans, and powerful medications…. I am now free of spasms, and no longer worry about my back. I urge you to read this book.”    

— R.L., Needham, Massachusetts

“When it seemed that nobody had any answers for me, I found them in this book.... The book was easy to read and very simply laid out.... The authors are able to provide reasons for the pain and ways to work to reduce the pain and ‘get your life back’…. I am back to running on a regular basis, ...last night we played tennis for the second time in a couple of weeks, and on Sunday I rode 25 miles, all with no ill effects!!”   

— J.M., North Carolina

“The pain started when I was in graduate school. I thought that the long hours of sitting in class, reading and studying was damaging my ‘weak’ back. After reading this book, I started to realize how much stress was a major factor in my back pain…. After finishing Back Sense, I have stopped stressing about every twinge, tight muscle or pain in my back—and the pain has been much less and less frequent! I now enjoy my gym activities and play time with my children, knowing that my back is strong and healthy…. Anyone searching for relief from back pain should read this book.”       

— J.L., Worcester, Massachusetts