The Back Sense Program

The Back Sense program is a brand new and powerful method for helping you to recover from chronic back pain. It grew out of personal suffering and was refined through over ten years of clinical practice in psychology and medicine. While the Back Sense program requires more personal commitment than traditional treatments such as pills, injections, or spinal manipulation; the effort is rewarded by long-term results.

Before you actually begin self-treatment, we help you to get the right kind of medical evaluation to rule out the very unlikely possibility that a truly serious medical condition is causing your problem. It is essential that you not skip this step. The key here is to separate the truly serious from the falsely thought to be serious. Once this is settled, you can begin the program. At this point we want to give you a preview of what it is all about. It has only four basic parts:  

1. Learning to understand the real causes of chronic back pain: In this part of the program we explain what is wrong with the traditional medical understanding of back pain, and how we know that it is wrong. We also help you to properly understand how you developed chronic back pain in the first place, and why it continues to plague you. The idea that the pain is the result of physical problems with your spine is so seemingly obvious, natural and logical, that it requires a good deal of effort to show you that it’s not true. It’s very important that we do this because your beliefs about what is wrong can actually augment the pain. Working with beliefs in this way is a central part of the most effective treatments for these sorts of stress-related problems.

2. Learning to understand your own case of chronic back pain: You probably have your own ideas about what caused your problem, and what movements and circumstances make your pain better or worse. Examining these ideas, and gradually modifying them as you uncover flaws, is a very important part of the program. We teach you exercises that help you do just that. Beginning to see for yourself that your back isn’t really “bad,” gives you the confidence to try the physical activities that will help you to recover fully. 

3. Learning to resume full physical activity: In contrast to most treatments for chronic back pain, the Back Sense program concentrates on helping you resume full activity and restore physical functioning, rather than just focusing on relieving your pain. There are several reasons for this. Much of the tension-producing negative emotion surrounding chronic back pain is due to fear and frustration about not being able to live life fully. Only by returning to normalcy can these feelings be resolved. Furthermore, by proving to yourself that you can live a normal life, and even exercise vigorously, you prove to yourself that there is nothing wrong with your back itself. Until you truly believe this, every occurrence of back pain will continue to cause anxiety, tension, and hence more pain. We will show you proven techniques for dealing with any temporary discomfort or worries that may arise. 

You have probably been told to rest and protect your back until now. This often causes people to become seriously deconditioned. We teach you how to safely improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance with a range of exercises. These have a number of beneficial effects including: relieving stress, restoring normal sleep patterns, reducing fear of movement, reducing the weakness and inflexibility of muscles that can produce back pain, and “immunizing” the body against minor physical injuries.

4. Learning to work with negative emotions: If you suffer from chronic back pain, you have probably experienced fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, and other similar demons in connection with it. These difficult emotions are the natural result of a seriously disabling problem. They also often play a huge role in keeping chronic back pain going by causing you to tense muscles that can directly produce the pain. Learning to detect and manage these stress states can actually help you to break out of your pain.           

Each part of the program helps to support the others. While we will guide you step by step, the changes you make in one area will make it easier to tackle other parts of the program. All of your efforts will eventually come together.