The latest scientific research reverses what most doctors have thought about chronic back pain. 

It turns out that most people don’t need surgery or other costly treatments and can resume their normal life right away.

Now, with BACK SENSE: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain, pain sufferers have a safe and affordable approach to curing their aching backs.  Back Sense leads readers  through a self-treatment program that has helped thousands of patients already, and marks a breakthrough in the field of “integrative medicine,” which combines the best of both conventional and alternative approaches.  The program evolved out of the personal back pain experiences of its authors, recent advances in medical research, and many years of clinical experience.

This new approach to chronic back pain is based on the emerging scientific consensus that most chronic back pain is caused by stress, fear, muscle tension, and inactivity, rather than by damaged or defective spinal structures. Despite being stress-related,  the pain is certainly not imagined or "all in your head."  We know that it is completely real. Muscle tension and spasms can cause intense pain.

Once you come to see for yourself that your spine is not really damaged, you can begin to understand how pain is maintained by the Chronic Back Pain Cycle. This is a vicious circle in which concern about pain and physical limitations causes emotional distress, and this distress leads to heightened tension, more pain, and further distress. Most people begin to give up normal activity, leading to physical deconditioning that further feeds the cycle.  In the Back Sense program, people learn to gradually change their understanding of the causes and consequences of the pain, and then systematically work toward a full range and intensity of physical activity, which both relaxes and strengthens the affected muscles.

Back Sense guides readers step by step through this process, with a "user-friendly" format. It is the first book to offer a comprehensive program that will end the Chronic Back Pain Cycle once and for all, offering  a  scientifically sound alternative to expensive, frustrating, and debilitating medical treatments.